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Hello guys, I want to share with you my little knowledge about making money online without worrying about getting scam and for newbies who don’t understand much about marketing.

First of all, you need to have a Payment Processor Like Payza, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin etc. This types of Processor is used to add funds or withdraw in a program. for example I join MyPayingCryptoAds, I used bitcoin as processor because its the only processor used in MyPayingCryptoAds.

Next is, Choosing the right program to earn. If you love recruiting, Focus on Matrix or MultiLevelMarketing, If you want to earn without doing anything you choose HYIPS or Investment Sites and also Trading Sites is included but take note Hyips are high risk be sure to invest what you can afford to lose. And also if you have websites, programs to promote i highly recommend Revshare Programs! its  a hybrid program where you will buy Advertising Packages or Adpacks for short, when you buy adpacks you will get Traffic Credits 1Credit = 1 Visit to your site and you can also earn from every adpack you purchase, Some revshares let your earn around 10% – 25% in every adpack you purchase! thats why i recommend revshare programs you can advertise your website and earn by revenue or profitsharing.

Next is, Reviewing the website if it’s legit or scam! First you need to know the owner of the website if it’s fake profile or not you can also post in Facebook groups or ask Succesful marketers about their opinions of the owner and the program .. but be sure to not to ask only one cause there is some will just want you to leave that program and join there instead LOL.

And the last is! Don’t Be lazy there are many video reviews on  Youtube, if you want to earn money online without worrying of getting scam? just follow my guide at the top :)..

Requirements to earn Money online:




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