Recommended Processor

Recommended Processor

Bitcoin or Payza

Bitcoin : Bitcoin Processor is best because it has low fees and easy to use.


Payza: Payza is good if the program turns to scam or stop paying, you can file a dispute (Refund) your money before 45 days.



My Recommended Revshare Programs as of March 2017:

MyPayingAds – By Uday Nara

MyPayingCryptoAds – By Uday Nara

TheAdsPro – By T.L Kumar

My Recommended Investment Program as of March 2017:

EliteEearnersClub – By Tamoor Tariq

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3 responses to “Recommended Processor”

  1. Ivy Hoffman says:

    Wow nice dear! What is the best bitcoin wallet in Canada ?

  2. Ivy Hoffman says:

    I’ve been using payza the whole time ! high fees thats why i want to convert to btc.

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